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 Teen Pregnancy Program 

The program is designed to love and support a Teen mom in her new journey to motherhood.  While in the program teens will work with Case Managers  to come up with a case plan for the remainder of their pregnancy.  Once you complete the program, you will choose a baby shower theme of your choice and a gift for the baby. 

How Does it Work? 

Once you register for the program, you will meet with a Case Manager to go over your goals/ needs. Once a plan is established you earn points for activities and task that you complete. Once you complete a task log it and turn in weekly to A Mother's Love Inc. 

How to Earn Points 

Attending School 

Attending Doctor Appointments 

Reading Pregnancy books

Watching Videos (Parenting) 

Attending Baby fairs 

Counseling Services 

Healthy Eating/ Fitness

Receiving care from a Midwife or Doula. 

Many More...........

Points goes toward your Baby shower

After meeting all requirements for the Teen Pregnancy Program you will then work with your case manager to plan the perfect baby shower and gift. 


Pick from a 

-Car seat/ Stroller Combo 



-Baby Clothing 

Teen Pregnancy Program 

A Mother's Love Inc.