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Pregnancy Prevention 

NOAH Clinic 

5620 Ames Ave 

Omaha, NE 61804

Essential Pregnancy Services

6220 Maple St

Omaha, NE 68104

(402) 554-0121

Charles Drew Health Center, Inc.

2915 Grant Street

Omaha, Nebraska 68111

Medical Services (402) 451-3553

Planned Parenthood - Northwest Health Center

3105 N 93rd St, Omaha, NE 68134

(877) 811-7526

Pregnancy Prevention 

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Education from Omaha, Nebraska

Doris Lassiter Consulting, LLC of Omaha, Nebraska, provides evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention education with proven outcomes. Contact us to get your community involved in these programs.

Relationship Education for Youth

Our educational programs have had great in school districts, after-school programs, and in faith-based organizations. We teach middle school and high school students:

• Leadership Skills

• Communication Skills

• Character Development

• Alcohol & Drug Prevention Strategies

• Decision Making

• Learning about Yourself & Others

• Safe Dating Strategies

• Conflict Resolution & Problem Solving

• Media Literacy

• Value of Commitment & Marriage

• Personal Power & Self-Regulation

• The Science of Healthy Relationships

• Prevention of Pregnancy & STDs

• Value of Doing Better When You Know Better

• Value of Starting Over

• Family Formation Skills

• Learning Your Love Language

• Marriage Preparation Education

• Partner Selection Strategies

• Ways to Connect & Communicate with Parents

• Positive Youth Development & Assets

• Impulse Control

• Boundary Setting

• Teen Brain Development

• Assertiveness Training

• Negotiation Skills

• Managing Peer Pressure

• Life Mapping & Future Orientation

Toll Free: (888) 599-5038

[email protected]